Common Gynecological Problems: Premenstrual syndrome

Many woman experience a change in their behavioural pattern just before the start of their monthly menstrual cycle. This is termed as premenstrual syndrome or PMS.

These are a combination of physical and emotional symptoms, which can vary in intensity between cycles. The symptoms begin post ovulation and last till the onset of the period. The symptoms are attributed to the change in the hormonal levels. These symptoms can become exaggerated with irregular menses, during menopause, and with underlying conditions like PCOD.

The emotional symptoms can be varied and range from excessive anger and irritability, to anxiety and depression, tension, crying, oversensitivity, and exaggerated mood swings. These symptoms can be severe when complicated with mental or emotional stress, aggravating the condition.

The physical symptoms are - Fatigue and bloating or water retention, tenderness or pain in breasts. Appetite changes with food cravings. Headaches or migraines can aggravate during this period, as can gastric symptoms. Back aches and cramps can also occur.

This is best treated with Ayurvedic medication which can cure the symptoms along with the underlying hormonal disturbance, without the need for anti depressants or hormonal therapy.

Irregular menses

Irregular menses is a common problem. This can be of two types. One is delayed and scanty menses- the cycles are prolonged with the periods occurring once in 2-6 months, with scanty flow. This is common after menarche and in women in the twenties.

The cause can be anemia, poly cystic ovarian disease (PCOD), hypo thyroid condition etc. This may also occur due to anxiety or stress related problems. In PCOD, the ovarian secretion of hormones is disturbed due to the multiple cysts, affecting the cycle. This is a common condition especially in young women, which when untreated for a long time, can lead to difficulty in conceiving.

Treating the underlying condition can correct the problem of premenstrual syndrome. Since Ayurveda is well known for treating the root cause of any disease / condition, it can prove to be very effective in treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS).