Types of Svedan Therapy

Nadi Svedan (Penetrating Heat)

The Nadi Svedan process is a process wherein the steam helps drive the heat and oil penetrate deep into the tissues. The steam helps the pores of the skin to open up and this facilitates the entry of the oil into the skin. Normally, this type of steam applied to the whole body, however, it focuses on the body's joints to improve their mobility. The Nadi Svedan prolongs for five to seven minutes, it can be used to reduce muscle pain, stiffness in the joints and muscle spasms. It can be especially helpful to treat inflammation of the spine, hips and knee or for aches and pains.

Bashpa Svedan

The Bashpa Svedan applies steam evenly to the entire body. Bashpa literally mean steam. It uses a sweat box where a person either sits or lies down on his/her back. Barring the head; which cannot tolerate excess heat, every part of the body is exposed to the steam. In order to keep the head cool, a trained medical professional continuously places cool compresses to the forehead. In addition, to keep the body hydrated the patient is advised to drink a glass of water prior to the treatment. Similar to the Nadi Svedan process the duration of this treatment is from five to seven minutes, but, it can continue till the time when sweat beads appear on the face or forehead. People with heart diseases or hypertensions are not advised from taking this treatment. Upon successful completion of this treatment the toxins are transported to the gastrointestinal tract and eliminated through the closest orifice. But, this takes place in the second stage of the Panchakarma therapy.
Snehan and svedan can also be used independently as a treatment for vata disorders like arthritis, backache, lumbago.