Types and Benefits of Nasya Karma

  • Prevent infections(droplet infections)
  • Give strength to brain centers(by shodhana & bruhana karma)
  • Nasya karma ensures the proper and healthy growth of hair.
  • The therapy enhances the activity of sense organs and protects the person from diseases related to the head 
  • Early aging process is effectively prevented by the regular administration of Nasya karma
Types of Nasya Karma

1) Pradhamana (Virechan) Nasya (cleansing nasya) 
For the Pradhamana therapy, dry powders are blown into the nose using a tube. It is mainly effective against diseases arising from kapha disorders, for example, headaches, cold, nasal congestion etc. Pradhamana therapy can be used to treat chronic diseases such as cervical lymph adenitis and tumors. Additionally, skin diseases can be cured with Pradhamana therapy along with disorders such as epilepsy. Powders such as brahmi are traditionally used in this therapy.

2) Bruhana Nasya (nutrition nasya)
Vata disorders can be cured with the help of Bruhuna therapy. It uses items such as ghee, oils, salts and medicated milk. According to studies and research, this type of treatment is especially beneficial to cure disorders such as headaches, migraine, dry voice, anxiety and dizziness. In addition, the mind can be cleared of negative thoughts thanks to this treatment. Any person suffering from discomforts such as heavy eyelids, stiffness in the neck, dry sinuses is recommended to undergo this treatment. 

3) Shaman Nasya (Sedative Nasya) 
Depending upon which dosha is aggravated in the body, the Shaman Nasya therapy is performed. Normally, it is administered to treat disorders arising from pitta such as thinning of hair, conjunctivitis and ringing in the ears. Items such as herbal medicated decoctions, teas and medicated oils are often used as medicine to perform this treatment.

4) Navana Nasya (Decoction Nasya) 
This type of therapy is used in vata-pitta or kapha-pitta disorders. Decoctions and medicated oils are poured through the nostrils of the person undergoing the treatment.

5) Marshya Nasya (Ghee Or Oil Nasya)
The Marshya therapy is administered mainly to cure a patient of any discomfort or uneasiness rising from a particular disease. Normally, ghee/oil is used.

6) Pratimarshya (Daily Oil Nasya) 
The Pratimarshya therapy is done to relieve a person of stress. But, it should be done on a regular basis. Typically, the clean little finger is dipped into ghee or oil and is inserted into the nostril. As a result, the nasal passage gets lubricated and massaged in the process. The deep nasal tissues are opened up while this process is being performed. 

Health Problems Treated By Nasya Therapy
Almost any health problem related to the head can be cured by Nasya therapy. For example, health problems such as sinus, stiffness in the neck, headaches, dizziness. Disorders such as epilepsy and health problems related to stress can also be cured using Nasya Therapy.