Raktamokshana Therapy

Blood is one of the most important constituent of the body. Therefore, the blood's conditions has a direct influence on the four parts of life, they are: soul (atma), mind (manas), senses (indriyas) and body (sharira). It is essential that the blood be free of toxins in order to sustain life which maintains a fine physiological balance which is required for good health. 

Raktamokshana means blood-letting or getting rid of the toxins in the blood. It can be done either with the help of special leeches or by scalp vein. Raktamokshana is thus a ayurvedic procedure that purifies blood, thereby promoting health and improving the patient's immunity. When administered by skilled ayurvedic doctors / consultants, raktamokshana can provide rapid relief.

Health Problems Treated by Raktamokshana Therapy

Raktamokshana treats blood-related diseases such as skin disorders, edema, and localized pain. Additionally, it also treats some types of arthritis and headaches - typically diseases caused by acidity.