Sansarjan Karma

Once the panchakarma is completed, it is necessary to follow a procedure called 'sansarjan karma'. 'Sansarjan' means regeneration and 'karma' means procedure. 'Sansarjan karma' therefore means regeneration of the body. While the panchakarma procedure is going on, the patient is on a strict diet regime. The aim of sansarjan karma is to gradually bring the patient's diet back to what he / she was accustomed to before starting panchakarma.
Essentially, Sansarjan karma includes gradually increasing the diet of the patient from liquids to semi solid to normal. Normally, sansarjan karma lasts for about 7 to 10 days. It is done to boost the effectiveness of panchakarma.

Post Panchakarma Tips
  • Eat only when you are hungry
  • Do not overeat - always leave a little room at the end of your meal 
  • Avoid drinking cold liquids with your meals
  • Eat the main meal at noon and eat a lighter meal at night.
  • Eat in a calm atmosphere 
  • Avoid snacking between meals and eat a few hours before going to bed 
  • Fast once or twice a week and eat lightly to ease digestion
  • Avoid deep fried food