Nasya Therapy

Nasya therapy means nasal insufflation. It simply means putting medicated liquid or oil drops, or inhaling medicated powder in the nostrils.

The nasya therapy process is a part of the panchakarma process. 'Nasa' means nose in Sanskrit. According to Ayurveda, the body is governed through the brain, which resides in the head. Since the nose provides a conduit to the pituitary gland, which regulates the body, nasya therapy is the best means to soothe the brain and body. Nasya therapy is most beneficial to the upper tract of the body.

Nasya therapy is administered through the nostrils using herbalized oils and medicines. As the administration is done directly through the nostrils, Nasya therapy is an effective treatment for diseases related to the head, but it must be performed systematically. The Nasya therapy cleanses the head's channels and opens them up. This in turn improves the brain's functionality. Ideally, this therapy should be performed on a regular basis to obtain best results. In addition to keeping the eyes, nose and ears healthy, it prevents early graying of hair.

Nasya therapy is indicated in treating upper respiratory tract conditions, sinuses, soothing the brain and balancing the hormones.