Menopausal Counselling

Menopause typically occurs in women who have reached the age of 40 or above. In most women menopause occurs at 41-47 yrs of age. Menopause literally means end of monthly cycle. This is a transitional phase from productive to non-productive. The transition is not sudden or abrupt but a consequence of aging. However, menopause can occur in at an earlier stage in life because of some disorder in the reproductive system.  Early menopause can be triggered mostly due to living an unhealthy lifestyle and substance abuse, for example, cigarette smoking and excess alcohol consumption

Menopause cannot be avoided as it is a natural phase of a woman's life. Post - menopause the health may be affected. This happens because of hormonal changes. These changes affect a woman's psyche. For example, problems such as back pain, joint pain, mood disturbances, itching and dryness in the genitals can occur at menopause. Ayurvedic medication can help avoid these problems and assure that the transition from pre menopause to post menopause is smooth.  

We have skilled ayurvedic doctors at Madhushree Clinic to help mitigate menopausal and post menopausal issues.