Svedan Therapy

Svedan is one of the pre procedures of panchakarma.

Svedan is the process of fomentation wherein a person is advised to take a steam bath in order to produce sweating. This helps in liquefying of toxins, and they tickle down to the alimentary canal. Some toxins are also eliminated via sweating. The aggravated toxins can be eliminated using the Panchakarma therapy process.

Svedan is also advised if there is an imbalance or excess of vata and kapha. In order to facilitate the removal of the toxins from the body, herbal medications are also prescribed. However, the patient's medical condition must be known before hand to prescribe the right dosage and proper required medication. 

There are various types of svedana therapies like taap, upanaha, ushma and drava. 

They are used to treat different conditions.

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