Basti Therapy

Basti therapy simply means medicated enema.
Basti is one of the five main panchakarma procedures whereby the loosened vata doshas are eliminated from the body through the rectum. The vata is mainly located in the colon and bones. It is thus mainly used to treat vata dosha related conditions.
During the treatment medicinal substances such as, herbal oils and decoctions in a liquid medium are administered into the rectum. Additionally, herbal concoctions made of sesame oil are used.

Goal of Basti Therapy

Basti therapy is an effective treatment for people who wish to rejuvenate the body and provide it with strength and longevity. Moreover, diseases such as common cold, problems such as sexual disorders, constipation, distention, arthritis and backache can be treated with the help of basti therapy.

Types of basti  include niruha, anuvasan, karma, kaal, yoga, etc.